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Navigating the Horizon: A Guide to Upcoming PSC Exams

Navigating the Horizon: A Guide to Upcoming PSC Exams

Upcoming PSC Exams 2023-2024

In the realm of government job aspirants in Kerala, the anticipation for upcoming PSC exams is always high. The Kerala Public Service Commission (PSC) plays a pivotal role in recruiting qualified candidates for various government positions. Among the slew of exams conducted in recent years, the LSGD Assistant Engineer and I Grade Overseer exams held in 2021 have set the stage for future recruitment cycles.

Anticipated Vacancies


The LSGD Assistant Engineer exam, notified in 2020 and held in 2021, brought forth a pool of talented individuals. The ranked list, a vital document in the selection process, emerged in May 2022 and is slated to expire in April 2025. Given this timeline, the probability is high that the next LSGD Assistant Engineer exam will be notified in 2024. LSGD stands out as a department providing a substantial number of opportunities, making it a focal point for aspirants



Similar to the LSGD Assistant Engineer exam, the I Grade Overseer exam for departments such as LSGD was conducted in 2021 after being notified in 2020. Considering the historical patterns, there is a likelihood that the next iteration of this exam will be announced in 2024. The I Grade Overseer exam holds significance due to the multitude of job opportunities it offers across various departments.



In 2020, the position of Grade 2 overseer/draftsman for the Public Works/Irrigation and Local Self Government Department (LSGD) was officially notified. Subsequently, examinations for the respective departments were conducted in 2021 and 2022, serving as crucial steps in the selection process. The compiled list of successful candidates from these examinations is anticipated to remain valid until 2025, marking the expiration date. As the list approaches its end, it is expected that a new notification for the Grade 2 overseer/draftsman position will be released in 2024, signaling the commencement of the recruitment process for qualified individuals to fill these essential roles in the Public Works/Irrigation and LSGD departments.



The Kerala Public Service Commission has released a notification with Category Number 135/2021 for the post of Overseer Gr III/ Draftsman Gr III in the Local Self Government Department. The last date for submitting the application was June 2, 2021 1. The post carries a scale of pay of ₹ 19,000 – 43,600/-. The number of anticipated vacancies is not specified. The list became valid in August 2022.  Following the trend of I Grade Overseer, the II Grade Overseer and III Grade Overseer exams are also anticipated to be notified in 2024. These exams, when conducted, are expected to open up avenues for individuals seeking employment in diverse government sectors.


Assistant Engineer - Harbour Engineering Department

The upcoming Assistant Engineer – Harbour Engineering Department exam, slated for the near future, has generated significant anticipation within the engineering community. The official notification for the examination was released in July 2023, revealing that there are two vacancies available for aspiring candidates.

Assistant Engineer - Harbour Engineering Department PSC Exam Notification

Interestingly, the previous notification for a similar position was unveiled in 2017, offering just one vacancy. 

Harbour Engineer -AE Vacancies 2024

However, the 2019 examination held for this role raised eyebrows as 25 advisories were sent out from the resulting list, even though the official communication had indicated only a single vacancy.

assistant engineer harbour engineering2024

This discrepancy has fueled speculation among potential candidates, suggesting the possibility of a higher number of advisories than the advertised two vacancies in the upcoming exam, adding an element of intrigue and uncertainty to the application process.


The eagerly awaited Tracer exam in the Ground Water Department, under Category Number 189/2023, has generated significant anticipation among aspiring candidates. The official notification for this examination was released in August 2023, revealing the anticipated vacancies in the department. As per the Public Service Commission (PSC) board’s announcement, all pending exams from the 2023 notifications are scheduled to be conducted in 2024, and the Tracer exam for the Ground Water Department is no exception. This upcoming examination holds the promise of providing opportunities for individuals seeking a career in this specialized field, and candidates are gearing up to showcase their skills and knowledge in the competitive assessment set to take place in 2024.

trace ground water psc exam notification 2023

TRADESMAN - Technical Education Department

The Technical Education Department has recently released a notification, Category Number 418/2023-430/2023, announcing the upcoming Tradesman exam scheduled for 2024. The notification, issued in October 2023, encompasses a diverse range of trades, including survey, carpentry, fitting, strength of material, Two Wheeler and Three Wheeler Maintenance, Printing Technology, Moulding/Foundry, Sheet Metal, Computer Engineering, Electronics, Electrical, Information Technology, and Plumbing. The Public Service Commission (PSC) board has affirmed its commitment to conduct all pending exams from the 2023 notification in the year 2024, indicating a rigorous examination schedule. As aspirants prepare for the Tradesman exam, they can anticipate a comprehensive evaluation of their skills and knowledge in various technical disciplines, paving the way for a qualified and skilled workforce in these vital areas.

tracer kerala psc upcoming exams


The upcoming RRB Junior Engineer (JE) exam holds significant promise for aspiring candidates, particularly considering the recent focus on ongoing exams in the departmental quota. The upcoming vacancies are anticipated to be entirely fresh, presenting a new array of opportunities. The last RRB JE notification was issued in December 2018, with the Stage I exam conducted in May 2019, followed by the prompt publication of results in August 2019.

RRB JE 2023 Notification, Exam Date, Eligibility, Syllabus

Stage 2 of the exam swiftly followed in September of the same year. Interestingly, the previous notification was strategically released before an election, and the exam was conducted immediately after, highlighting the efficiency of the recruitment process. With the next election scheduled for April-May 2024, expectations are high for the release of the RRB JE notification in December 2023. Candidates are currently being advised from the supplementary list, making this a significant and timely opportunity. While the syllabus for SSC and RRB JE is similar, variations in the time and pattern of the exams necessitate thorough preparation for success in this competitive endeavor.


The upcoming Staff Selection Commission (SSC) Junior Engineer (JE) examination is set to be a significant opportunity for aspiring candidates seeking employment in various government departments and organizations. The official SSC JE calendar for the year 2024-25 is now available on the official website, The eagerly awaited SSC JE notification for 2024 is scheduled to be released on February 29, 2024, with the commencement of the online application process on the same day. Eligible candidates, including graduates and diploma holders aged between 27 to 32 years, can apply for the SSC JE recruitment 2024. The online application form will be accessible from March 29, 2024. Successful registration will lead to the issuance of the SSC JE 2024 admit card for Paper 1, the tentative date for which is May/June 2024. This exam serves as a gateway for individuals aspiring to secure Junior Engineer positions and contribute to the functioning of various government entities.


Other Notified Exams:

Several exams notified and held in 2020 and 2021 have been instrumental in filling vacancies in different departments. Some noteworthy examples include the 

  • Instructor Grade I – Technical Education
instructor grade 1 civil engineering
  • Junior Overseer (Civil) – Kerala Livestock Development Board
Junior Overseer (Civil) - Kerala Livestock Development Board

Draftsman Grade III/Overseer Grade III – Kerala Land Development Corporation Ltd, Work Superintendent – Soil Survey and Soil Conservation, Tracer – Soil Survey and Soil Conservation, Draftsman Grade II – Town and Country Planning, and Assistant Engineer positions in KTDC, KSHB, and KSEB. The continued demand for manpower in these sectors raises the possibility of these exams being notified in the upcoming cycles

Exam Pattern Over the Years

The trend of notifying exams, such as the Public Works Department (PWD) Assistant Engineer, has shown a distinctive pattern over the years. In 2018, the notification for the PWD Assistant Engineer exam was released, generating significant anticipation among aspirants. Subsequently, the exam was conducted in 2019, marking a crucial milestone for candidates.

pwd kerala psc notification 2023-2024
kerala psc pwd

Following a hiatus, the next notification for the same exam surfaced in 2022, culminating in the examination being conducted in 2023. This trend highlights the intermittent nature of exam notifications and the subsequent examinations, prompting candidates to stay vigilant and well-prepared for opportunities that may arise in the future, as depicted in the accompanying photos.

kerala psc civil engineering notification

The Challenge of Preparation

Preparing for PSC exams is akin to embarking on a quest for knowledge and skills. The vast syllabus and the diversity of subjects demand a strategic approach. From General Studies to specialised subjects, candidates are tasked with mastering a comprehensive array of topics. It’s not just about rote memorization; it’s about understanding and application.

Time Management

 Time is of the essence in the lead-up to the exams. Creating a well-structured timetable becomes crucial. Balancing revision, practice tests, and leisure is an art in itself. The goal is not to just cover the syllabus but to ensure a thorough understanding that withstands the scrutiny of the examination hall.

The Mental Battle

The journey to a PSC exam is not just an intellectual challenge; it’s a mental and emotional marathon. Maintaining composure during the stressful period before the exam is essential. Techniques such as mindfulness, meditation, and regular breaks can be invaluable in keeping anxiety at bay.

Resources as Allies

 In the age of information, resources are plentiful. From traditional textbooks to online platforms, candidates have a plethora of tools at their disposal. Choosing the right resources that align with one’s learning style is key. Mock tests, previous year papers, and interactive study materials can provide a competitive edge.

Peer Support

 In the PSC exam preparation landscape, the importance of peer support cannot be overstated. Joining study groups, participating in discussions, and sharing insights can enhance understanding and provide a different perspective on various topics. It’s not just a solo journey; it’s a collective effort towards success.

The Day of reckoning

As the exam day approaches, maintaining a positive mindset is crucial. A good night’s sleep, a healthy breakfast, and a calm demeanour can make a significant difference. The examination hall is the battleground where all the preparation culminates. It’s not just a test of knowledge; it’s a showcase of resilience and determination.

Aspirants eyeing government jobs in Kerala have their sights set on the anticipated PSC exams in 2024. With the expiration of ranked lists from previous exams in mind, the likelihood of notifications for exams like LSGD Assistant Engineer, I Grade Overseer, II Grade Overseer, III Grade Overseer, and various other positions remains high. In conclusion, the journey towards upcoming PSC exams is not just about academic prowess; it’s a holistic endeavour. It’s about mastering time, managing stress, utilizing resources effectively, and forging bonds with fellow aspirants. As the clock ticks down, remember, it’s not just an exam; it’s a stepping stone towards a future where dedication meets opportunity. Good luck, future civil servants!

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