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Success Stories of Rank Holders in KWA AE Exam with Amaze Academy

The journey to achieving success in competitive exams is often paved with hard work, dedication, and the right guidance. In the case of the Kerala Water Authority Assistant Engineer (KWA AE) exam, several aspirants found success through the valuable assistance of Amaze Academy. Let’s explore the experiences of three rank holders who credit their success to this renowned coaching center.

Amaze Academy’s success is attributed to its dedicated team of faculty, mentors, and content creators. The institute prides itself on the eminence of its alumni, which includes top rank holders in various government examinations, such as PWD, Irrigation, LSGD, PCB AE, and Dewasom Board. Notable alumni include Sravan, Navaneeth, Ajin, Krishnapriya, Ananthakrishnan, Pouthramanu, and Aswathy. These remarkable individuals form the backbone of Amaze Academy’s teaching approach, providing students with top-notch content and guidance.

Arshed Ahammed T - Rank 5

Arshed Ahammed, a graduate of NIT Calicut with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, shares his journey towards becoming a KWA Assistant Engineer. For Arshed, the appeal of this position was not only the job’s work-life balance, location, pay scale, but also the respect it garners from society. He compared it favourably to central government PSU companies and private jobs, which often come with high work pressure and lower pay.

Arshed’s preparation journey was marked by dedication. After graduating in 2021, he spent six months preparing for PSU exams. He then joined Keltron as a contract employee for nine months but left his job when he received the confirmation date for the KWA AE exam.

Amaze Academy played a crucial role in Arshed’s preparation. The classes and mock tests provided by Amaze helped him dive deep into the subjects. Their well-structured schedule allowed him to cover all topics effectively a month before the examination, and the mock tests enhanced his time management skills while helping him avoid careless errors.

In the final exam, Arshed employed a strategic approach, attempting questions in multiple rounds, focusing first on theoretical and simple numerical questions, then tackling moderate numerical questions and tricky theoretical ones. His last round was dedicated to the most challenging numerical questions.

Arshed emphasized the importance of dedicated preparation, proper practice, and thorough revision for success in competitive exams, and he wished fellow aspirants the best of luck.

Anand Rajan - Rank 19

Anand Rajan, who secured the 19th rank, shared his journey to success. He passed out with a B.Tech degree from TKM in 2019 and initially went for GATE and ESE coaching in Delhi. However, when PSC notifications came out, he decided to concentrate on PSC exams and enrolled in Amaze’s AE Full Syllabus course.

Anand’s approach included watching video lectures, taking notes, and practising multiple-choice questions. He found that practising previous ESE and GATE questions was particularly helpful. He created short notes for quick revision, followed Amaze Academy’s weekly schedule diligently, and benefited from their mentorship program.

In addition, he devised a personal timetable to optimize his study time and made use of full-length mock tests during the final revision period. Anand’s success underlines the importance of efficient time management and structured preparation.

Jyotis V Lal - Rank 14

Jyotis’s journey is an inspiring tale of persistence, self-preparation, and the invaluable guidance of Amaze Academy. Jyotis V Lal’s academic journey began with a B.Tech degree from TKM in 2017, followed by a master’s degree from NIT Trichy in 2020. After completing his B.Tech, he ventured into the professional world as a trainee engineer while simultaneously preparing for the GATE exam. Though he secured a placement at Atkins after his M.Tech, personal circumstances led him to reconsider his career path. However, it wasn’t until the LSGD (Local Self Government Department) exam notification during the lockdown that he recognized the need to reevaluate his strategy. Success in this exam opened a new chapter, and he found his footing in the realm of government jobs. After LSGD, Jyotis furthered his career by working as a project fellow at KSCSTE NATPAC, Akkulam, for five months. Subsequently, when the PCB (Kerala State Pollution Control Board) AE exam confirmation arrived, Jyotis was ready to embark on yet another challenging journey.

Following Amaze’s meticulously designed weekly schedules, he found a mentorship that proved valuable in his journey. Amaze’s weekend tests allowed him to revise key topics, and their revision timetables kept him on track. Jyotis’s commitment to attending test series and his hard work paid off handsomely as he secured the 76th rank in the PCB AE exam with the help of Amaze’s exceptional study materials. In the end, Jyotis’s journey reminds us that when you combine hard work with the right resources and mentorship, success becomes attainable in even the most challenging of exams. We wish him continued success in his career, and we hope his story inspires many others to pursue their dreams with determination and zeal.

Jintamol - Rank 58

Jintamol expressed her gratitude to Amaze Academy for its invaluable support throughout her PSC exam preparation journey. She highlighted Amaze’s unique approach, focusing on conceptual learning techniques and a systematic approach to the competitive environment.

For Jintamol, the clarity and genuineness of Amaze set it apart from numerous other coaching centers. She expressed her appreciation for the constant support and motivation she received from the academy, making it an integral part of her success.

Nimisha Sebastian - Rank 86

Nimisha’s story is a testament to the impact of structured preparation. Initially self-studying, she recognized the need for guidance when preparing for PCB AE exams. Nimisha relied on Amaze Academy’s Chemical and Environmental courses, which provided detailed classes, experienced faculty, weekly and monthly exams, and mentoring. The study schedule offered by Amaze Academy was particularly beneficial, given her responsibilities as a mother. Nimisha’s hard work and the support of Amaze Academy helped her secure a rank of 86 in the KWA AE exam.

In conclusion, the success stories of these rank holders in the KWA AE exam underscore the significance of dedicated preparation, strategic study methods, and the guidance of a reputable coaching institute like Amaze Academy. These aspirants’ achievements serve as a source of inspiration for future PSC exam candidates, demonstrating that with the right approach and determination, success is attainable. We wish them the best in their future endeavors, and we thank Amaze Academy for its unwavering commitment to helping PSC aspirants fulfill their dreams.

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