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Recruitment Of 617 Vacancies in The Public Sector to The Public Sector Recruitments Board

public sector recruitment board

Recruitment Of 617 Vacancies in The Public Sector to The Public Sector Recruitments Board

The government has formulated a law for the regulation of public sector establishments. The Public Sector Regulation Act has been enacted to bring regulation to 617 posts in 24 establishments. The Public Sector Recruitments Board will be responsible for implementing the law and conducting recruitments in these establishments as per the provisions in the act.

To exercise authority over appointments to positions vacant in all public sector establishments under it, the Board will be empowered to enforce regulations. The boards should be informed about new appointments and vacancies in every establishment and newly emerging statutes and positions. It is mandated that employees be informed by the Board about the same.

To ensure the legality of regulations in public sector establishments, the Recruitment Board has been restructured. The Board will have the authority to approve qualifications, examination syllabuses, and examination schemes required for each service and for every position. The recruitment rules approved for the Public Service Commission should be formulated by the Board. The validity of this rank list is two years. If the regulations are not implemented from the rank list for two years, the duration of the rank list can be extended by two more years, as per the provisions in the act.

If a candidate who receives a recruitment order does not join the job within the stipulated time, the advice will be cancelled, and the name will be removed from the rank list. Candidates who accept appointment under the regulations but do not join the job within the stipulated time will also be removed from the rank list. Those who accept the regulations to obtain the appointment, and later, within the probation period, commit any falsification, alteration, or error in the application, or are found to have any disqualification as per the answer sheet or try to tamper with it, will be removed from the job.


Disqualifications of employees:

– Attempting to influence members of the board or anyone else to gain favour or influence the board.

– Providing false or altered information or incorrect details during the application process.

– Submitting false complaints before the board or any disqualification regarding any other candidate.

– Misbehaviour in exams or interviews.

– Tampering with the answer sheet or recording something to identify the candidate

– Attempting to obtain an appointment in the name of another person before the board or alter the records in the packet to identify the candidate.

Names of establishments and the number of posts:

– K. M. M. L. Titanium Sponge Unit – 13

– Titanium Pigment Plant – 12

– Mineral Separation Unit – 11

– Malabar Cement Ltd. – 103

– Travancore-Cochin Chemicals Ltd. – 44

– Kerala State Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Ltd. – 53

– Travancore Cement Ltd. – 15

– K. C. C. P. Ltd. – 29

– Kerala Electrical and Allied Engineering Company Ltd. – 27

– Steel and Industrial Forgings Ltd. – 11

– Steel Industries Kerala Ltd. – 10

– Autocast Ltd. – 12

– Kerala Automobiles Ltd. – 46

– Metal Industries Ltd. – 2

– Electronics Development Corporation – 24

– Forest Industries (Travancore) Ltd. – 23

– Kerala State Industrial Enterprises – 8

– Container Freight Station – 21

– Kerala Soaps – 57

– Kerala Small Industries Development Corporation – 56

– Handicraft development Corporation – 8

– Handicrafts – 1

– Traco Cable Company – 13

– Cashew Development Corporation – 18

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