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TRADESMAN (Strength of Material) Exam: A Comprehensive Guide

422/2023 TRADESMAN (Strength of Material) Exam

The Technical Education Department is conducting a statewide recruitment for the post of Tradesman (Strength of Material). The exam is scheduled for 21/05/2024 (Tuesday) from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm. The exam will be an OMR-based test with a total duration of 1 hour and 30 minutes.

TRADESMAN (Strength of Material) Exam

Exam Details

  1. Category number: 422/2023
  2. Post name: Tradesman (Strength of Material)
  3. Department: Technical Education Dept
  4. Exam date: 21/05/2024 (Tuesday)
  5. Exam time: 10:30 am to 12:30 pm
  6. Total marks: 100 marks
  7. Total duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
  8. Number of candidates applied: 4223

Detailed Syllabus

  1. The syllabus for the exam is divided into 10 modules, each carrying 10 marks. Here’s a brief overview of each module:

    Module 1. Simple stress and strain -10 marks

    Material classification, Elasticity, Stress, Strain, Types of strain, Elastic limit, Hooke’s law, Stress Strain curve, Simple problems based on stress strain relation, Stress incomposite material, Thermal stress

    Module 2. Elastic constraints -10 marks

    Longitudinal strain, Lateral strain, Poisson’s Ratio, Volumetric Strain, Bulk modulus, Relation between different strains, Shear stress, Modulus of Rigidity

    Module 3. Strain energy and impact load -10 marks

    Strain energy, Different types of loading, Resilience, Proof resilience, Modulus of resilience

    Module 4. Centre of gravity -10 marks

    Centre of gravity of geometrical figures (Rectangle, square, circle, triangle), Moment of inertia, Parallel axis theorem, Perpendicular axis theorem, Moment of inertia of Square, Rectangle and Circle.

    Module 5. Framed structures -10 marks

    Classes of frame, Perfect frame, Imperfect frame (deficient frame, redundant frame), Reactions of support.

    Module 6. Shear force and bending moment of beams -10 marks

    Types of beams, types of loading, Shear force and Bending moment of different types of beams, bending stress in beams, Point of Contraflupture, Theory of simple bending, Bending equation

    Module 7. Deflection of beams -10 marks

    Deflection of beams, Deflection of composite beams, Fixed beams, Continuous beams, Direct stress, Bending stress

    Module 8. Column and struct -10 marks

    Classification Of column, Failure of columns, Euler’s equation and Condition of columns, Equivalent length and Effective length of columns, Slenderness ratio, Rankine’s formula, Johnson’s formula

    Module 9. Torsion of shafts -10 marks

    Torsional stress and strain in circular shafts, Polar moment of inertia, Torsion equation, Power transmitted by shafts, Composite shafts, Strength of shafts, Solid shaft and hollow shaft, Modulus of rupture, Spring, Bending spring, Torsional spring, Stiffness of spring

    Module 10. Mechanical testing of materials 10 marks

    Types of mechanical tests of materials, Hardness test, Tension test, Compression test, Shear test, bending test, Torsional test, Impact test, Buckling of long column test, Fatigue test

    Please note that apart from the topics detailed above, questions from other topics prescribed for the educational qualification of the post may also appear in the question paper. There is no undertaking that all the topics above may be covered in the question paper.

Best of luck to all the candidates! Prepare well and do your best.